Are You Ready for Your Baby’s First Ultrasound?

It has probably been about 7 to 10 weeks since you have conceived but as an expecting mother, the first scheduled prenatal ultrasound can give you mixed feelings. You’ve been patiently waiting for this day, searching for a certified radiology center with a warm atmosphere to make your experience as comfortable as possible. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time.

Witnessing how much your unborn child has developed can be one of the most rewarding moments of your life but you may be wondering about what you should expect from the first prenatal ultrasound.

An hour before arriving to your scheduled appointment, ultrasound technicians typically request patients to drink atleast three 8oz glasses of water, without urinating until after the exam. At the time of your appointment, a staff member from the radiology center will assist you in laying down on a bed and applying a cool gel over your belly. The ultrasound technician will then softly place a transducer over the gel to begin transmitting the sound waves that will bounce off the surfaces within your tummy. These vibrations are interpreted as electrical signals that project the images seen on the monitor.

The first ultrasound will most likely be administered to check for the infant’s heart beat, the umbilical cord and size to determine the age and to estimate a due date. The placenta, uterus, ovaries and cervix may be analyzed as well to perceive if there is any abnormal growth present in the fetus.

After the ultrasound is completed you will most likely schedule another ultrasound exam when you have reach your second trimester. The second exam usually determines more details about your baby like the sex and any possible congenital abnormalities. Until then, however, you will be more than happy to leave your first ultrasound knowing that your baby’s heart is beating just for you.